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Novel measurement techniques forvisualizing 'live' protein molecules at work


The number of research papers published every year
5 in 2014 / 56 in 2015 / 82 in 2016 / 63 in 2017 / 84 in 2018 / 45 in 2019
335 in Total


Papers in 2014

Backbone and side-chain 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments of the microtubule-binding domain of yeast cytoplasmic dynein in the high and low-affinity states
Takarada O, Nishida N, Kikkawa M, *Shimada I
Biomol NMR assign 8, 379-382 (2014).
PubMed: 23975349
Automated resonance assignment of the 21kDa stereo-array isotope labeled thioldisulfide oxidoreductase DsbA
Schmidt E, Ikeya T, Takeda M, Löhr F, Buchner L, Ito Y, Kainosho M, *Güntert P
J Magn Reson 249C, 88-93 (2014).
PubMed: 25462951
A Mosaic of Water Orientation Structures at Neutral Zwitterion Lipid/Water Interface Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Suyong Re, Wataru Nishima, Tahei Tahara, *Yuji Sugita
J. Phys Chem Lett 5, 4343-4348 (2014).
PubMed: 26273985
Hybrid Electron Microscopy Normal Mode Analysis graphical interface and protocol
Carlos Oscar S. Sorzano, Jose Miguel de la Rosa-Trevin, Florence Tama, *Slavica Jonic
J Struct Biol 188, 134-141 (2014).
PubMed: 25268657
Crystal structure of Escherichia coli YidC, a membrane protein chaperone and insertase
Kumazaki K, Kishimoto T, Furukawa A, Mori H, Tanaka Y, Dohmae N, Ishitani R, *Tsukazaki T, *Nureki O
Sci Rep.4, 7299 (2014).
PubMed: 25466392