Grant‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
(Research in a proposed research area)

Novel measurement techniques forvisualizing 'live' protein molecules at work


Project Leader : Daisuke Kohda (Kyushu University)
領域代表:神田 大輔 Daisuke Kohda(九州大学生体防御医学研究所)

X-ray crystallography determines accurate 3D structures of proteins or other macromolecules. The structural information, though it is inevitably static, is useful to explain the molecular basis of the biological functions. However, under physiological conditions, macromolecules often change their conformations dynamically, and their transient conformations are also important to understand their biological functions on a deeper level. In this new research program, we will upgrade and integrate several analytical methods, including NMR, AFM, and crystallography, as innovative tools for exploring new aspects of protein dynamics. We will apply the new measurement techniques to specific biological targets to discover their potential applications and limitations. Our ultimate aim is to create a new research area in life sciences by discovering novel biological phenomena using the new measurement techniques.